Just as Emily was old enough to play the game she loves, AEW closed the rink!

My daughter Emily started skating at 4 years old. When she was 7 she wanted to try ice hockey and she was hooked. She loved watching the Wightlink Raiders on a Saturday evening, her favorite player was Ben Painter. After 10 months she joined the junior Raiders but was too young to play on a team. She was finally able to play in September 2016 but then the rink was closed in October. She was devastated! Luckily I was in a position to transfer her over to Solent and Gosport where she plays for their under 11. She is very lucky to be able to carry on playing the game she loves. Sadly, thanks to AEW lots of kids like her have lost that opportunity.

We would like to thank Wightlink for their continued support, Ryde Town Council for their generous grant, Ryde Rotary Club and Ryde Slide for their donations and all those helping us to try to save Ryde Arena for our community.

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