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Junior Raiders Hockey

Junior Hockey survived the loss of the rink through the dedication of our coaches, children and parents, off ice training and playing away games for double points but our season will finish at the end of April and our annual general meeting is early May. Next season, without home ice, we would be unable to play games and without training we will not be able to retain current players or survive financially. All of our club coaches and officials are completely voluntary. They to be reregistered by June of this year and there is a significant cost to this and with full time jobs on the Island it will also be logistically difficult for them to find hours on ice elsewhere for the required mentoring. The reality is that without any prospect of ice to train and play on then the Club will have no choice but to fold. We are hoping for a miracle

On a brighter note all our teams are committed to completing the season.

There are four Junior Raiders teams

The Under 18s

The U18s have 3 matches remaining and are 4th in their league with 1 player in the Top Ten point scorers in the league - Kieran Tavener

The Under 15s

The U15's have been fortunate and have been able to play both home and away games using Gosport as home ice. They have 8 games left and are positioned 5th in their league. They have 1 player in the Top Ten Point scorer in their league - Kodi Coles

The Under 13s

The U13's  Are positioned 7th in their league and have 4 games left his season. They also have 1 player in Top Ten point scorer in their league - Oakley Shaw-Lusted

The Under 9s


These little guys are what it is all about - they smile a lot , try really hard and just thoroughly enjoy their hockey. They don't play competitively but as a bunch of kids who just want to have FUN. They are a real pleasure to watch and with the right opportunity who knows where this sport can take them!

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