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From confused and angry to happy and engaged but now devastated by the loss of the rink!

We are the grandparents of a devastated skater. Firstly for losing the rink but secondly for the loss of her beloved coach Georgia Webb. Both as a direct result of AEW UK shutting our rink here on the Isle of Wight.

We approached Georgia just over 2 years ago when we had a very confused, very angry, 7 year old presenting also with chronic eczema all as a direct result of severe bullying. Her mistrust of people was also clearly evident at this time. We explained all this to Georgia who agreed to take her on and try to focus her attention elsewhere.

Under her guidance we now have an almost 10 year old who skates beautifully, is becoming a wonderful young lady and now engages well with people, mainly her skating family and her beloved Georgia. This has now been stripped from her by AEW UK.

We will try everything in our power to keep her skating, as she is evidence of the positive effect it can have on people.

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