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My Memories—"PLEASE give us back our ice rink I am begging you!!!!"

Sophia featured in an earlier post when she passed her level 3 Field Moves Skating test. She wanted to tell us a bit more about what skating means to her. Here is Sophia's story of her life as a skater as well as her appeal for Ryde Arena to be returned to our community.

My Memories —Sophia Elliott

I started skating just after Christmas when I was six years old, this was when I got a 6 week learn to skate course. I have been skating for 3-4 years. My greatest memories were: in professionals on ice when we saw their dances and then the sparkles performed their programme. I also love when we do competitions and we travel round the countries for synchronised Skating in different ice rinks. My funniest memory was when I fell out of the barrier in a teapot competition!

My first competition was Basingstoke IJS, 2014. In September I got a new pb in Lee-Valley which was 15.54 Since the rink closed, training has been hard along with the cost which are a lot worse because of the ferry fees to

different rinks —e.g.: Basingstoke, Gosport and Guildford. Skating was much better when we actually had a rink because it felt like a second home to me, but now the IOW arena is closed it doesn't feel the same. I started synchro when I was 7! In January 14-15th we had the British Championships 2017. Soon we are leaving to skate at Dumfries: "Trophé d'Ecosse" We only had a few sessions of off ice and early or late practice either at midnight or 3am the next morning. I miss all the amazing memories with Galas and competitions in different countries like Nottingham and Scotland! PLEASE give us back our ice rink I am begging you!!!!

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