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A letter to Ryde Arena by Abbey, age 8

This past weekend Abbey woke up at 4am to go play with the under 9s team in Guildford. She was thrilled to win the match award for her team. Still, she can't stop thinking about the rink she loved and missing being able to play and practice there. When she went home, she wrote this heartfelt letter to Ryde Arena.

I would just like to tell you how much I miss doing Ice hockey practising on ice and I think I will be much better if I can practise more. I did get the award the other day in Guildford but I wish I had got it at Ryde ice rink. I really, really miss you so please, please, please open up again. Please. I only started this season and it gave me lots more confidence. I loved you!

Abbey, age 8

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