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"The feeling of losing something as quick as that has had a big impact on me" — George&#39

George Terry

I am 11-year-old boy who plays for the under 13 Isle Of Wight Junior Raiders ice hockey team.

Our home ice rink was Ryde Arena before it was cruelly taken away from us by AEW, it was my second home and a place I felt happy and safe.

My team was playing a home game on the Sunday where I scored the last ever goal at my home rink, by midweek I was sat outside a closed, locked Rink.

The feeling of losing something as quick as that has had a big impact on me. I have lost friends, confidence a sport I love, social activity with my family, and discipline. I know the rink wasn’t the most beautiful rink in the world or I have ever seen but it least we had an ice rink and I appreciated that.

I think about the rink daily, my room is covered in ice hockey things, trophies, photos, and Raiders shirts. But losing the rink has shattered my dreams and ambitions to be an ice hockey player. My life will not be the same, without an ice rink on the island and not being able to play ice hockey. I need it mentally, physically and socially.

My week used to consist of training sessions, discos sessions, public sessions, and watching my idols the Raiders play. I will never forget what the rink has given me and I hope and pray one day we will all have our rink back so me, my friends and team mates can continue follow our dreams.

George scoring the last goal at Ryde Arena

George's email to Andrew Turner MP after the rink closure

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