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Anneliese Smith and Sophia Elliott pass their skating exams this week through travel and hard work

Anneliese Smith passed her level 1 field moves at Gosport on Monday 30th January. She said: 'I'm very happy passing my test as we don't have a rink in Ryde to practice anymore. So I have to go to Gosport on a Wednesday evening for my lesson and at the weekend to Guildford'.

Sophia Elliott passed her level 3 field moves test saying: 'I feel proud of myself for passing my exam as all my hard work and early morning training sessions have paid off'. Sophia has been having lesson at 6am on Saturdays at Guildford along with Wednesday afternoon lessons at Gosport and 5am synchro sessions on Sunday's at Gosport too.

Both girls are very dedicated and extremely talented, let's hope they continue skating!

Terri Smith, skating coach

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