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nICE dreams (I NEVER did have my 9th birthday party)

I started skating because my sister had and at the beginning I was really scared, but now I'm fine.

I remember when the roof blew off, it was just before my birthday and I was going to have an ice skating party. I was so disappointed but decided to wait until the rink re-opened to have the party I really wanted. When we were allowed to skate again, my mum tried to book my party but wasn't allowed because public skating wasn't allowed. I thought I was FINALLY going to have my birthday skating party last year but then AEW closed our rink!!!

I NEVER did have my 9th birthday party.

In my dreams I'm skating on an Olympic sized ice rink here on the Isle of Wight

Jasmine, Louisa and Sophia with coach Debbie

Louisa (in turquoise, centre) with her sisters Jasmine (left) and Sophia (right) with Debbie, an Olympic coach at Skating camp last summer

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