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The struggles of a skater without a rink

Things I have struggled with since the rink is closed is that I have just moved to High School and it's quite hard to make friends when you can't have sleep-overs and you can't go out during the weekend. It's also quite hard because you miss out on so many memories that you could be making with your friends and while they're having a good time, you can't.

You also can't build on friendships outside of skating because sometimes people get on your nerves because you have had no sleep and you just want to go to bed. It is especially hard because you travel all that way for less than an hour and it's not worth it.

Another thing I struggle with is sleep and eating. I struggle with this because you can't sleep on Sundays because then you won't sleep through the night and it's so hard to stay awake when all you want to do is sleep. I struggle with eating because when you are tired and you do fall to sleep for five minutes, you wake up and you're not hungry for dinner and then you might be hungry but you don't want to eat because you feel sick, then you go to bed hungry.

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